Every once and a while we like to feature a friend of Dearly Beloved, today we introduce florist, jewellery designer and all round talented lady Clare Elizabeth Kilgour.

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Clare works with the most ethical materials she can including eco silver, brass, wood, locally sourced flowers and even found botanicals.


Although known for her beautifully wild bridal bouquets and charming buttonholes Clare has a diverse portfolio including more alternative creations such as flower crowns and floral jewellery.

We had been admiring Clare's florals for a while now and so when the time came for us to choose someone to create the floral arrangements for our wedding day she was the perfect choice. 

Freckle Photography

Abi: "She created all of our wedding flowers including a beautiful mantelpiece garland which we said our vows in front of; we didn't really have a solid plan of the flowers we wanted her to use but when I picked up my bouquet I can honestly say it just "felt like me" - 100% nailed it!"


Margo R Photography

Margo R Photography

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How amazing are the floral jewellery pieces Clare creates? See more over on her site

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UNIT FIFTEEN is not only home to Clare's personal studio but also a creative hub for jewellery, glass and mix media design. When she's not working on personal commission she offers out her awesome space for open access hire for Jewellery, mix media processes , lamp working torches and a glass finishing too. You can find a list of what's on here

Photo by  Lucy Savage

Photo by Lucy Savage

Here's Abi's very own memory necklace, set with the real petal confetti from our wedding day. Thanks so much Clare!