REAL WEDDING // Ailsa & Dan - Natural Wedding in the Scottish Highlands

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Today on our blog we share the wedding day of Ailsa, a wedding dress maker, and her love Daniel, who works in marketing, who were wed on 5th May 2018 in Ailsa’s grandma’s village of Boat of Garten in the Scottish Highlands. Hear more from bride Ailsa about their celebration…

“The general feeling for the day was decided upon as the most important thing for us was that our guests had fun. We wanted to avoid awkward small talk, long waits and having to sit with people you don’t know. The style really clicked when one of my friend’s mum’s described my style as Renaissance, and my dad described our table layouts like a feast.”

“Abi from Dearly Beloved made our stationery and she was absolutely amazing to work with! She took the time to understand my vision for the day and designed beautiful invited which completely set the tone for our relaxed but beautifully styled day. The on the day stationery really helped both practically by guiding people through the day, and for decorating the venue.”

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LOTTIE ETTLING PHOTOGRAPHY_Ailsa&Dan_Dearly-Beloved-design-weddding-stationery5.jpg

“As a wedding dress maker, I designed and made my dress myself. The design changed quite significantly once I discovered I was pregnant! Having been told only a few months previously that I wouldn’t be able to have kids, it was a wonderful but very big surprise! I wanted to keep the dress very simple and flowing over the bump, since I didn’t know how big I was going to be, and I decided to use regency inspired shapes and details, like the silk piping and the button detail. It was perfect and almost Grecian, and it completely set off the seeded eucalyptus crown my florist made for me.”

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“I decided to base all of the styling decisions around the painting Primevera by Boticelli, which gave us the colour inspiration and mood for the day. It also helps that the central figure in the painting has a pregnant belly, and I found out I was going to 5 months pregnant by the wedding day!”

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“We wanted to keep the mood casual so Dan wore a gorgeous tween waistcoat by Slaters, a lovely white TM Lewin shirt and a pair of ASOSchinos. It was absolutely perfect for him and he was so much more relaxed that he would have been in a suit.”

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“Dan and I made our own rings at a local jeweller’s workshop. We both wanted simple, hand hammered silver rings to suit our lifestyles. Dan plays a lot of sport and I work with delicate fabric every day.”

“We spent a lovely morning making our rings, and altered our vows from ‘I give you this ring’ to ‘I made you this ring’. It became a really nice talking point during our champagne reception.”

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“Our photographer was one of the most important pieces of the wedding day to me (though not for my husband!). Lottie Ettling has photographed my family quite a bit in the last few years and she was the very first thing I booked once we had established that she and the venue were both available on the date.”

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“When it came to flowers I was really picky as I think they really set the tone for the day. I wanted big, loose, beautiful unstructured blooms and I really struggled to find a supplier in the Highlands who could do that for me. It sounds insane but I actually ended up using a florist I know from Plymouth and having my parents drive all the flowers up, overnight, 2 nights before the wedding and keeping them in a cold bathroom until the day. I wanted lots of greenery and accents of white flowers.”

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“For our evening entertainment we had a traditional Scottish Ceilidh called Eabal and they were amazing! Our English guests threw themselves into it and everyone danced all night!”

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Wedding Day Photographer - LOTTIE ETTLING
Venue - Boat of Garten
Wedding Dress - AILSA MUNRO
Groom - TM LEWIN and ASOS
Bridesmaids outfits - AILSA MURO
Entertainment - Eabal
Cake - The Cairngorm Cakery